Caffe Amadeus offers a wide variety of tea, coffee, snacks and more for students in a hurry or needing a quiet place to study.

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“We believe coffee is more than just a drink: it’s a culture, an economy, an art, a science – and a passion,” says the National Coffee Association on its website before urging readers to learn more about coffee. 

For millions, coffee is a daily ritual that fuels the day, and most don’t even stop to think about it. 

Behind each sip of coffee is a fascinating history. All coffee comes from two types of beans: arabica and robusta. The flavor of each depends on the roast and can be made many different ways. Arabica makes up approximately 70 percent of the world’s coffee production but contains less caffeine and costs more to cultivate. 

Coffee comes in many different flavors and sizes. Here’s a quick rundown of the world’s most popular caffeinated beverages. 

Other than your basic hot and iced coffees, there are four common espresso beverages. Espresso is a concentrated, thick coffee usually paired with milk to make this line of espresso drinks. 

The drink most everyone is familiar with is a latte, which contains a shot of espresso and steamed milk with foam. This is very similar to a cappuccino, which contains a smaller proportion of milk. A latte may sometimes be referred to as a “mocha,” which includes a chocolate flavor. 

The macchiato is the most versatile espresso drink. It’s made differently in the U.S. than just about anywhere else. The makeup of a macchiato is two shots of espresso topped with milk foam. Most coffee houses in the U.S. build a macchiato like an upside down latte: milk first with espresso poured on top and left unstirred. 

The fourth most popular espresso drink is known as the Americano. This may be a go-to for the regular hot or iced coffee drinkers. The Americano is two shots of espresso diluted with water. It’s the perfect pick-me-up without straying too far from the norm or a nice alternative for someone who isn’t the biggest fan of dairy. 

With that being said, Indiana has a few spots one might go to get a good cup of joe. Here’s a few coffee joints worth checking out: 

Caffe Amadeus Roast & Brew located along Philadelphia Street is a beautiful, European-style cafe. Here you can enjoy a personal pot of tea. They offer select pastries as well. 

“Caffe Amadeus has the most welcoming and warm ambiance of any place I’ve ever been,” Autumn Berquist-Cherwaty (fashion merchandising) said. “They have a wide selection of teas and snacks for me, who doesn’t like coffee. The baristas are kind and inviting, and I’ve liked everything I’ve ever ordered from there.” 

Commonplace Coffee, located in University Square, is a western-Pennsylvania-based coffee company. They currently have three locations and offer a unique house roasted blend. 

“Commonplace is calm and cozy, so it’s perfect for getting work done,” Rania Rashid, (biology) said. 

JavaCity is located in the Stapleton Library but comes all the way from Sacramento, California. JavaCity houses more than 2,000 coffee shop locations, and it’s worth tasting their hand-roasted beans. 

“It’s on campus and convenient; it’s quite quaint,” Sasha Rubert, (graphic design) said. 

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