And here we are, the championship match of IUP’s Best Bar Tournament Bracket. 

After two rounds filled with blowouts and tightly contested matchups, the Final Four were set at the stools. And now, only two remain just before closing time.

Brunzies, a more upscale bar designed for chilling and getting a great meal while catching the game with friends, will face off with The Coney, the classic college bar that has been the favorite up to this point, to determine who is IUP’s best bar. 

The Coney, which breezed through the first two rounds, easily defeating Steelworks and Al Patti’s by wide margins.

However, the No. 1-seeded Coney just barely managed to escape Twisted Jimmy’s with a score of 53-47 percent after trailing with less than a day left of voting. 

Thanks to the voters, The Coney and Twisted Jimmy’s were able to bring the close game late in the tournament that we wanted to see.

Brunzies, which came into the tournament as the third seed, had a slightly different journey making it to the championship game. After easily defeating Noble Stein Brewing in round one, Brunzies was able to survive a possible upset from Boomerangs in the second round.

  Brunzies pulled out to an early lead and didn’t look back as it defeated H.B. Culpepper's 64-36 percent. Brunzies has been rolling through the tournament with ease week after week, coming in with no less than 64 percent of votes in every matchup.

It is difficult to envision the end result of the championship game. Both bars have done exceptionally well in the polls to this point. We can only hope for a close matchup in the final rounds of what has been an exceptional tournament. 

Will it be the classic college bar and club experience or the newer, more laid-back bar that’s crowned IUP’s Best Bar? 

Stay tuned with The Penn, and don’t forget to cast your vote.

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