Ruby Rose stars as the CW's Batwoman

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The straights are at it again. Review bombing sites like Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB, because they can’t stand the idea of a lesbian superhero having her own show.

“Batwoman” made its debut on the CW on Sunday, and while the show is a standard-issue CW superhero show, it hardly deserves the self-righteous anger it’s getting online.

That fury should be reserved for something truly awful like “Joker,” which plays like the dumbest frat bro attempting to explain “Taxi Driver.” 

Instead, “Batwoman” is in a word…fine. 

The idea that anyone is angered by this show is baffling, but hateful men with small d**k energy can never feel secure enough in the middling masculinity and must instead take their frustrations out by yelling into the “Incel” void of Reddit. 

Back to “Batwoman” though. 

It follows the adventures of Batman’s cousin Kate Kane (Ruby Rose) as she comes to take the mantle of her famous cousin, who mysteriously vanished three years ago from Gotham City. 

Everything about this show from the setup to the villain, Alice (Rachel Skarsten), is just OK. It’s unoriginal sure, but fine, and the addition of a queer lead makes the blandness a little easier to swallow. 

The CW has increasingly become the Randy Orton of superhero fiction. 

It’s a baseline, you know? 

When you look at Randy Orton, your only response is “Yes, that’s certainly a pro-wrestler.” It’s standard- issue. Functional, but uninteresting. That’s the CW. 

You watch any of the shows in the “Arrowverse” (such a stupid name) and just get overcome by a malaise of disinterest. 

The CW has found its niche as the CBS for 20-somethings. The geriatrics get “NCIS” and we get the “Arrowverse.” 

It’s there, and some people find that comforting. That’s OK. I’m glad these boring shows exist for people to stare into the void and forget about the bullsh*t in the real world. 

Sometimes you need that. Sometimes you just want something “nice.” 

“Batwoman” and the rest of the CWs superhero lineup is there for you when you need to forget.

It’s a cozy, yet boring, blanket on a cloudy day.

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