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BACCHUS Bingo Night is usually held in the Hadley Union Building, however, with virtual events came a virtual Bingo Night, the first of which happened April 10.

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It is nearing the end of April, which means May is quickly coming around the corner. Finals are scheduled starting starting Tuesday and ending May 8.

There are a few weeks left of the remainder of the spring semester, but many services, resources and organizations are still operating and have different activities and events planned. 

A popular event on campus that occurred on most Fridays was BACCHUS Bingo. 

Bingo was hosted by the Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs Office (ATOD) and was held in the Hadley Union Building’s (HUB) Ohio Room from 10 – 11 p.m. 

Bingo wasn’t always held every Friday, but BACCHUS Bingo had a schedule they posted on social media to let students know when they could come, interact with other students, play bingo and potentially win prizes. 

“Bingo is a very popular event typically attracting 100 or more students,” said Ann Sesti, ATOD director. “So, when the COVID-19 issues caused the university to move to online classes, we decided to also move bingo online. 

“We felt it would be a way to provide some stress relief knowing that with everything going on, students could benefit from something they enjoyed. We kept the original day, Friday, but moved the time to 8 p.m.”

Although there’s less participation for online bingo, there’s still a small number of dedicated students who participate each week. 

“We've had a small but dedicated group of 15 participate each week,” Sesti said. “Unfortunately, there are no prizes, just fun and bragging rights of winning.”

ATOD wanted to continue the opportunity for students to participate in the widely popular event, even if it had to be altered to an online platform.

“The main challenge of moving bingo to a virtual game was how do you get bingo cards out to people,” Sesti said. “After researching, we found an online source where you can generate and email bingo cards to participants.  

“That is why students need to email atod-oasis@iup.edu to play. They are sent their bingo card and the login instructions.”

Although the platform is different and there are no longer prizes available to those who win, what remains the same is the host of bingo. 

“What is the same is that Destiny Haynes is still hosting,” Sesti said. “Destiny continues to do a phenomenal job.” 

Just like STATIC and the Center for Multicultural Student Leadership and Engagement (MCSLE), ATOD are trying to

ensure students have opportunities to be a part of activities they were a engaged in prior to the quarantine. 

 Virtual bingo started on

Friday, April 10 and will have its last event Friday. 

Students who are interested in virtual BACCHUS Bingo on Fridays at 8 p.m. can email atod-oasis@iup.edu. Students must email ATOD by 6 p.m. in order to receive a virtual bingo card and specific sign-in instructions.

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