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“Avengers: Endgame” has now been in theaters since Thursday. The movie has received great reviews at this point, and honestly, you can clearly see why after watching it. 

The movie has several great points, but does a couple things that do not make much sense. It did feel like a superhero film in that it twists some things around to work in the heroes’ favor. 

The first thing the movie did a stellar job in doing is putting the fan right into the story. It places the viewer right after the snap. Hawkeye was with his family, but they disappear because of Thanos. 

The next scene I felt was a filler, seeing Tony Stark with Nebula up in space. The viewer knew they would survive. Captain Marvel comes to rescue them and takes the ship they are in back to Earth. 

When back at Earth, the Avengers base appears, and everyone is depressed. It has been nearly a month since the failed mission. 

When everyone is in the room, Captain Marvel wants to go after Thanos. Captain Marvel was slightly more enjoyable in this movie compared to her own. Brie Larson’s character is too over confident that she is the answer to everything. 

A little bit later, they are talking about how they do not know where Thanos is living, but they do since a couple days ago the stones were used. This part makes no sense to me. 

They decide to go after him and find him living peacefully. The gauntlet is destroyed, and we later find out Thanos used the stones to destroy the stones. This makes no sense to me since he was the most powerful person in the universe.

As the Avengers are talking with Thanos, Thor says f**k it and cuts his head off. He aimed for the head this time.

Next thing you know, five years have gone by, and New York looks terrible except Citi Field, which looks like a week has passed instead of five years. There is no context to whether or not baseball is played, but I assume it isn’t.

One of the biggest issues with the movie happens next. 

All of Scott Lang’s Ant-Man stuff is in a storage, and a rat is playing with the switches to unlock the quantum realm. 

If I knew that someone was an Avenger and disappeared, I would think to look through the stuff. He was working with Hank Pym of all people, too. 

Lang is now in a future world and does not know anything except that he is dead according to the world. He finds his daughter and apparently does not care that her mom is missing. I know they are divorced, but she is still his daughter’s mom. 

Ant-Man is the true hero as he comes up with the idea to go back into the past. He miraculously has only enough for everyone to make one trip. 

Professor Hulk, where do I begin with you? The character addition is a great choice by the Russo Brothers. After that amount of time passed, Bruce Banner and Hulk become one. 

I’ll skip a little ahead.

The next person that caught my eye was Thor. He is the complete opposite of what many expected.

He is fat and really lazy, only drinking alcohol all the time. The one positive out of this is that Valkyrie and Korg are alive and well.

The last character that has changed a lot is Hawkeye. He is now Ronin and goes out and kills people that are terrible in the world. 

Now to go forward when everyone is all together and ready to go back into the past. They separate into four groups.

The best hour of the movie is this part. The Russo Brothers make fans excited upon hearing all the references used.

To sum up the rest of the movie, it was a jaw dropper and is something that you have to see to believe. It had references that every fan of the last 11 years will recognize. 

Overall, there were some loopholes. It reminded me of “Back to the Future Part 2” in that they had to do what they needed to do without harming a group of worlds. But all together, it was a fitting end to phase three of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

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