Ford v. Ferrari

“Ford vs. Ferrari” stars Christian Bale and Matt Damon as the main characters.

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“Ford v. Ferrari” tells the story of one of the biggest rivalries in automobile history. 

The movie stars Academy Award-winning actors Matt Damon and Christian Bale and shows the events that transpired between Carol Shelby, played by Damon, and car enthusiast and driver Ken Miles, played by Bale. 

Shelby begins as a race car driver who competes in the 24 Le Mans, a racing event held in France, in 1966. After he wins at Le Mans, he retires from racing and begins selling cars and helping manage driver Miles, whose fiery personality causes many to be doubtful of his skill. 

The movie switches in the beginning from showing Shelby and Miles to showing Henry Ford II and his executive marketing team. Ford is dissatisfied with his company and wants it to be better and more creative. 

They try to buy Ferrari, which is out of money, from owner Enzo Ferrari. Ferrari is offended by the offer Ford makes and the marketing team, and Ford ends up back where it started. The rejection from Ferrari makes Ford more determined to create a race car that can compete in the 24 Le Mans.

This is when Ford enlists the help of Shelby, who was well-known in America for winning the 24 Le Mans. They want his assistance to help them produce a race car that can beat Ferrari. Shelby agrees to help and brings on Miles to help him test the cars and improve them. 

Throughout the movie, Ford’s second-in-command, Leo Beebe, played by Josh Lucas, attempts to get Miles out of the picture. He believes that Miles’ image is not good for the company and thinks that they needed a driver with a cleaner background and more docile personality. 

A lot of the movie focuses on Miles’ home life and his relationship between his wife and his son, played by Noah Jupe. At the beginning of the film, the family was quickly running out of money after the bank took their auto body shop. 

Miles contemplates taking the deal with Shelby and Ford because he knows his wife might not want him to. Once he informs her of the hefty paycheck he will receive by working with Ford, she is completely on board with the idea. 

Miles’ son is a huge fan of racing and takes an interest in cars and his father’s racing career. After an accidental mechanical fire resulting from a faulty car part, Miles’ son becomes worried for his father’s safety.   

The acting throughout all of the characters in the movie was outstanding. Both Damon and Bale played their roles with vigor and close attention to detail, which is to be expected from Academy Award winners. Supporting actors like Caitriona Balfe, who plays Miles’ wife, and Jon Bernthal, who plays a Ford executive, bring added depth to the movie. 

Rotten Tomatoes gave the movie a high score of 91 percent and viewers gave it a 98 percent. Even viewers who aren’t fans of racing will enjoy the storyline of the movie as well as the acting. 

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