“Stargazer,” the fall show for IUP’s dance theater, premiered Friday.

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In a galaxy far, far away in Zink Hall, the IUP Dance Theater performed its fall show, “Stargazer.”

The show, directed by Dr. Holly Boda-Sutton, was performed Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The production explored different theories related to the universe and different world discoveries. 

Some ideas discussed are

Ptolemy’s model where the planets, sun, moon and stars orbit the Earth. Another scene was Copernicus’ model where the planets orbited the Sun and the Moon orbited Earth.

Another scene was titled “Space Race,” where the dancers portrayed the U.S. astronauts and USSR astronauts fighting to get the first man on the moon. There were two spaceships the dancers presented similar to the colors each of the groups of dancers were wearing one red and one white. 

The two groups were fighting each other through dance using sharp, angular movements. At the end of the piece, the U.S. astronauts won. 

Halley’s Comet played by

Danielle McCormick (communication disorders, special education and disability services) thought the show went well. 

“It really came together the week of [the show] with the musicians and all of the technical aspects,” she said.

McCormick also played ensemble parts with the group in a majority of scenes. 

“I think my favorite [scene] to perform was ‘Gravity,’” McCormick said. “I really liked the choreography, and I liked getting to work with the musicians on stage.” 

The accompaniment was live musicians. Rosemary Engelstad, Wendy Olson Posner, Melissa Hernandez, Daphne Benichou, Andrea Kleesattel and Michael Kingan played the beautiful orchestration. The was a scene involving vocal talent of Joseph Baunoch, who came on stage and did small movements with the dancers.

There was a guest performer in the ending scene “Galaxy Soup” who played the mother of the galaxy and all of the different characters in the whole production came together. 

In the spring, the IUP Dance Theater will perform “It’s Just a Bunch of ‘Hocus Pocus.’” It’s their own unique take on the original tale “Hocus Pocus.”

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