After five weeks, our social media followers have decided IUP’s Favorite Bite. Three days of voting left us with one clear winner.

The winner of the finals was determined by The Penn’s Instagram and Twitter followers. The results were collected from a three-day vote count from Wednesday to Saturday.

Finally, I am pleased to announce the winner is 9th Street Deli. It was able to edge out Romeo’s 46.8 to 53.2 percent.

This is the second time 9th Street Deli has won the bracket. The other time was the first competition in 2018. Romeo’s will have to wait another year to try to dethrone the back-to-back champions.

9th Street Deli is located along Philadelphia Street next to the Indiana Library and opened in 2000.

It is known for its variety of different subs. According to its website, it currently has around 50 subs including a two-foot sub for those who are very hungry or want to share it with a friend.

There is more than just subs served as you could also get burgers, chicken tenders, fries, pastas and salads.

With the end of the competition here, I would like to give a couple awards revolving around the competition.

Best match up

Romeo’s Pizza vs. Tres Amigos

The first semifinal was the most entertaining battle this year. It featured the best pizza and international restaurants voted upon by our followers.

By the time the polls closed on Twitter, it was a tie. It then came down to how Instagram voted where Romeo’s won by two votes.

This battle was by far the closest by the end of voting. Hopefully down the line they will square off again.

Biggest surprise

Not much change from 2018

At the end of the competition, it was interesting to see that there was not a lot of change from three years ago. There was some change leading up to the Final Four, but at the end there were three restaurants back in the semifinals.

The only difference from the first competition was the exclusion of Steel City Samiches, which is currently undergoing a remodel and was not included this year. This gave Brunzies an opportunity this year, and since we combined it with Sub n’ Suds because they share the kitchen, they proved to be a steep competitor making it to the semifinal.

The real MVP

Our social media followers

Without our followers on Instagram and Twitter, this would not have been possible. It has been a great competition throughout and has been entertaining to say the least.

We will continue to run polls the remaining couple of weeks this semester. If you are interested, make sure to follow us on Instagram @thepenniup and on Twitter @ThePennIUP.

Thank you once again for helping us throughout the competition and congratulations to 9th Street Deli.

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